Energy Use to be incorporated in advertising


15 Nov 2017

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The EPC certificate contains scale bar/s which show the energy rating of one’s immovable property and its carbon emissions, with zero being the most efficient energy level. A person who commissions the design of a new dwelling or building has to obtain an EPC based on the design rating of the building and in the form prescribed in the Energy Performance of Building Regulations by the date that an application for a full development permit is submitted to the Malta Planning Authority.

As from 1 March 2018, all immovable property advertised for sale or lease in Malta must contain the specific ‘Energy use’ amount included in the advert text. The Energy use amount is included in the EPC certificate. An EPC is required by law to be visible and made available to any individual inquiring about a property irrespective whether the property is already built, or still on-plan. An EPC certificate will be provided to the new property owner/tenant by the property owner/landlord on the final deed of sale or the signing of the rental agreement. Therefore, all property owners should have an EPC in hand prior to placing their property on the market for sale or for rent.

EPC Certificates have to be registered with the Building Regulation Office and once registered, they shall be valid for 10 years in so far as dwellings, buildings and public buildings are concerned. A new EPC Certificate would have to be done should the property undergo major renovations or alterations.

An EPC has to be conducted by a certified EPC Assessor who must be registered with the Building Regulations Office.