Gaming Law Review: One Year Later - Malta's New Gambling Law


09 Oct 2019

Malta is a primary jurisdiction for online gambling businesses in Europe and beyond. In addition to hosting most of Europe’s online gambling operators, over the past 12 months, Malta has attracted several large online gambling operators and suppliers based in Gibraltar; the other European online gambling hub which, owing to it being a British territory, is now plagued by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. 

Just over a year ago, Malta overhauled its gaming and gambling laws in what was billed as a measure to “future proof” the regulation of gaming and gambling in light of constant technology developments, as well as changes in the regulation of gambling in Europe and elsewhere. Gaming and gambling are often used interchangeably in Malta due to a propensity locally to refer to online gambling as online “gaming,” to the fact that Maltese legislation regulating gambling also governs the provision of certain games of skill which consumers can play online, for money, and, in no small part, to the primary piece of legislation governing this sector being called the Gaming Act. 

The article explores the background to Malta’s overhaul of its gaming and gambling laws and its impact, with a focus on online gambling and with the benefit of a year’s hindsight.

The article was published in the Gaming Law Review, Volume 23, Number 7 and can be read here

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