Organised Public Mass Events - COVID-19 Measures - August 2020 - UPDATED


14 Aug 2020


UPDATE 26 August 2020: The Regulations have been once again amended. Kindly refer to this article for the updated information.


UPDATE 13 August 2020: The Regulations have been amended by L.N. 329 of 2020, which make applicable the measures and requirements imposed on public mass events to places of entertainment, which include bars, discotheques, and nightclubs.

The Organised Public Mass Events Regulations, 2020 (“Regulations”) which have been introduced by virtue of L.N. 322 of 2020 have come into force on 5th August 2020.

The Regulations stipulate that the maximum capacity of attendees in any organised mass event shall not exceed that of 1 person per every 4 square metres of the space where such an event is being organised.

Additionally, it shall not be permissible for attendees to gather in groups of more than 10 persons, whereby a 2-metre distance between one group and another is to be maintained.

The Regulations stipulate that for any organised mass event exceeding 100 attendees, a prescribed risk assessment form is to be submitted by the event organiser with the Malta Tourism Authority (“MTA”). It is only after the MTA has given its approval that the event may be organised. The Organised Public Mass Events (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 introduced by L.N. 325 of 2020, have additionally provided that the number of attendees for an organised public mass event shall not exceed 100 persons inside the venue and 300 persons outside the venue.

Furthermore, it is now prohibited to use ‘dance floors’ when organising public mass events.

Event organisers who fail to abide by the aforementioned rules shall be liable to pay a € 3,000 fine upon conviction.

Another set of regulations which have come into force as from the 8th August 2020 via L.N. 326 of 2020 are the Mandatory Use of Medical or Cloth Masks Regulations, 2020. Such hold that a person is to wear a medical or cloth mask whenever he is:

  • inside retail outlets;
  • travelling on public transport;
  • travelling between Malta and Gozo (including in the respective Ċirkewwa and Imġarr terminals; and
  • within the terminal building of the Malta International Airport.

L.N. 326 of 2020 makes no reference to visors, which are popular with shopkeepers and professionals who have to wear such protective gear all day long. Nevertheless, the Superintendent for Health has been quoted by various media outlets that the use of visors shall also be accepted.

Persons who do not follow such rules shall be liable to pay a € 100 fine upon conviction, for each and every instance in which these regulations are breached. However, if the offence is admitted and the penalty is paid before proceedings are commenced before the Commissioner for justice, the penalty applicable shall be reduced to €50.